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Chart 1 of SRT system

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 Welcome to my website for SRT sessions towards your power to own the freedom to break or heal from issues, challenges, problems or difficulties that are illusions of sufferings!

Could you be looking for a new beginning or new experiences that are more meaningful with fun? Perhaps I can help in your exploration of new changes, healing and much more with that via SRT session that clears out energetic discords!

How do unpleasant life events happen to you. me and other people in life? Are there solutions when it is past life origination? Simply put like this:

A theme & challenge is a set of lessons we choose to address in a particular lifetime. Therefore, the person who have made the free-will choice in having a set of programs related to the themes & challenges to tackle the issues or problems until finished.  Any unpleasant/pleasant events happened are due from your made free will choice to have for the experiencial path in this incarnation. There’s spiritual contract, Akashic record with a Divine Plan to fulfill until finished or break away from living with parameters decided by you. Therefore, issues, challenges, problems or difficulties with people in relationships and material goods are all in the mix choices decided upon for incarnation in between. All have individual studies from a set of lessons are for development and growth with fear or love to either suffer from karmic pain or to heal from it. There are fear-based programs and energies with love based programs & energies of consciousness being present in everyone to be in awareness that is from personal creation process of incarnation after another.

The solutions are with Spiritual Response Therapy to research past life origination of issues or difficulties from the set of lessons regardless of a person’s race, age, gender, religion, culture, heritage, status or background as a person’s present life expression are affected. SRT work also involves seeing who is involved and what are the reasons causing the issues, or problems in the first place to enable neutralizing or removing bad vibes. Positive changes can happen for the learning, development and growth of the person to choose love, light and to be loved correctly by another in healing process. If need be, will look at the Divine plan with blueprint to be corrected…clearing out beliefs and stuff in the spiritual contract(eliminate the contract if need be) and finding out what else for changing to the best and highest good. 

Briefly on Creation Process:

Known or Unknown Fear-based desire, want, wish or intention of any experiences personally to have in living life. 

=>> Soul Programs/Subconscious programs + Energies(emotions, beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, judgements) that are either hurtful or harmful on self or between others.

Eg: Past life programs created personally are consisting of bodies and minds with emotions that can be regarded as old suitcases with stuffs that are not right purposes to being aware for learning to let go and grow from. The experience can be accidentally injuring yourself or like some cases of freak accidents resulting in death. 

Note: Whether a person believes there is past life incarnation or otherwise, it does exist. De Ja Vu that’s either good or otherwise is one proof. Another reason is when you are not familiar with a person but he or she feels uncomfortable or otherwise to you without any reason.  

For greater awareness, We are all cells in SPIRIT which is one truest Divine Consciousness Source connecting with us which we are part of always. Therefore, there is no separation at all from being Blessed with Light and Love.

FYI:  Spiritual Response Therapy(SRT) was created with a meticulous technique in using more than 30+ specialized charts expanded & taught by our late founder; Mr Robert E. Detzler to many around the world since the 80s. SRA was founded by Robert and Mary Anne Detzler. SRA is an acronym for Spiritual Response Association. Link to their website here – system was developed to find and release the consciousness of people that created ideas, thoughts with charged with fear based emotions from many life times ago at deeper levels holistically which had disallowed unconditional abundance of goodness, love, joy & positivity to manifests in living life now. Do consider Spiritual Response Therapy as a form of investment for yourself, having a better life. What is great about SRT session is that you can even arrange for some sessions intent for your loved ones who need it from 3rd party energy clearing if he or she isn’t open to therapy. Don’t worry, it is releasing sufferings energetically. All is energy.

Every SRT session is meant to free you from:

  1. Subconscious or Conscious mind programs that are distorted
  2. Emotional fear or hateful based discordant energies investment on yourself, on someone or something external
  3. Physical body symptoms from distorted programs & energies causing pain, inflammation, etc.
  4. Past life programs causing issues, challenges, problems or difficulties in this life as well.                                                                 

Although SRT system is not a magic wand for everything to change rapidly, it will benefit you more than one way from having a session nevertheless. I assure you that SRT sessions with me will be helpful to you either one way or more. SRT sessions are another form of forgiveness, love or blessings for greater good to you and others as well. SRT sessions are wholistic healing energetically that covers the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. The work is not Reiki or similar to other healing modalities.   


Please know there are negative or positive illusions that we all have the power to recreate from Love or Fear at will. Nothing is set in stone unless you create the believe it is so. Although any traumatic experiences that have passed which cannot be changed, you are to recognise and understand that you have personal power to change whatever created beliefs, thoughts, programs with emotions in having any trauma to be freed up by operating from Love based attitude. 

SRT session is to often to clear up subconscious junks, distorted programs and energies to know something made correct that is incorrect and vice-versa for greater healing and good to happen. I also do actually get freed up from subconscious junks that gunk up my energetic system from clearing you. 

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Thank you. 


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