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Hey,  How’s it going?
Welcome to my website for any SRT session towards your freedom to become
who you can be and
for  openness to receive abundantly!. Perhaps you are looking for a new beginning or new experiences of life that are more meaningful. I may be able to help your exploration for new changes, healing and much more!

You are meant to live a wonderful life, be as great as can be and be with lasting true love, so why be in lack or settle for anything less? YOU HAVE THE POWER to change things that do not serve you or limit your positive expressions being part of this world. However, in order for the most positive results to happen there are attitude changing work required towards yourself, releasing emotions held on to someone, releasing emotions held on to something, negative subconscious programs causing issues or problems for releasing and be free from. Subconscious programs are meant to be found and released for greater clarity & right understanding to empower you towards your greater potential, to live better with purpose or lead you to find other solution for freedom from sufferings and struggles. 

SRT is used to change your attitude towards yourself, towards others “who have done you wrong” or to change your attitude towards your life in general.
Every session is meant to free you from:
1. Subconscious mind programs 
2. Emotional energies investment on yourself, on someone or something external
3. Physical body symptoms of distorted programs & energies causing pain, inflammation etc.

4.Past lives programs causing issues, challenges, problems or difficulties in this life.               

Although SRT is not a magic wand for everything to being all wonderful at one go, it will benefit you more than one way nevertheless. I assure you that SRT sessions with me will be helpful for you. SRT sessions are another form of forgiveness, love or  blessing for greater good.

So, how do unpleasant life events happen to you? Simply put like this: There are fear based energies charged on to belief system that created fear based programs. These became the experiences for yourself, life on to others which were not resolved with past lives. Discordant energies on distorted thought, belief, perception or judgements of understandings being true maintains stuckness, an issue or a difficulty unresolved. 

Creation Process:

Known or Unknown Fear Based desire, want, wish or intention of any experiences personally to have in living life =>> Programs + energies that are either hurtful or harmful on self or between others.

Only You can disallow traumatic experiences from having them happening to you more than once. These experiences were created either by you together with someone or alone for incarnation as part of the learning & growth process that is for operating either through Fear or Love. There are negative or positive illusions that we all do have the power to recreate. Nothing is set in stone unless you create the believe it is so. Although any traumatic experiences that have passed which cannot be changed, you are to recognise and understand that you have personal power to change whatever created beliefs and feelings in having about any trauma to be freed from. SRT session is to always to know something that was understood as correct but there is sufferings to let go for greater truth related to others or personally in being free which is for healing.

FYI:  Spiritual Response Therapy was created with a meticulous technique in using more than 30+ specialized charts expanded & taught by our late founder; Mr Robert E. Detzler to many around the world since the 80s. The system was developed to find and release the consciousness of people that created ideas, thoughts with charged with fear based emotions from many life times ago at deeper levels holistically which had disallowed unconditional abundance of goodness, love, joy & positivity to manifests in living life now. Do consider Spiritual Response Therapy as a form of investment for yourself, having a better life. What is great about SRT session is that you can even arrange for some sessions intent for your loved ones who need it from 3rd party energy clearing if he or she isn’t open to therapy. Don’t worry, the work is releasing sufferings energetically. All is energy. 

SRT sessions are natural energy healing from clearing negative blocks and challenges out. This work is not Reiki, not same or similar to other healing modalities as well. We are all cells in SPIRIT which is one truest Divine Consciousness Source connecting with us all which we are part of always.  

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