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Welcome to my website for your therapy issues, challenges, problems or difficulties towards your power to claim for freedom, love, health, wealth, happiness, greater truths and healing from suffering and suffering in living this life!

  • Could you be requiring some supportiveness for a new beginning of experiences that will serve you in living life more meaningfully with others? or to share with a loved one?
  • Would you love to be out of the rut cycles or going nowhere cycles?
  • Would you like to be free from severe anxiety, depression, suicide thoughts or from other mental+emotional condition?
  • Would you like to be free from severe anxiety, depression, suicide thoughts or from other mental+emotional condition?
  • Would you love to be with a highly suitable business partner in business that isn’t karmic based?
  • Would you love to be able to do well in school then choose the right courses for college + university?
  • Would you love to be with a right partner for an intimate relationship+marriage without regrets? 

If you have thoughts of “I can’t get what I want, so why bother looking” or, “All men/women suck.” Then you have some work to do clearing these blocks or limitations from yourself.

You get to choose what you want/need, not family, friends, society, social group or culture…So why not choose from what your heart desires instead of letting your Soul and Spirit programming, patterns, limiting beliefs, fears and blocks choose for you?

You can read more about how SRT works by browsing through:

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Perhaps booking for an SRT session could ease your sufferings that are in the way of stability, transformation, healing, empowerment, optimism or motivation for better and fun adventures without conditions are possible!

My hopefulness is that information shared on this website are, will be helpful and  supportive to you (or to many) in more than one way. Please know that there are solutions to any issues, challenges, problems or difficulties faced that can be neutralised for positive changes beyond belief or perceptions that limits. 

I do update this website from time to time. I also do have an Instagram account with the handle @oneonlykim – look it off and on. So, appreciate to bookmark it and/or share!

Spiritual Response Therapy sessions with me are workable regardless of a peoples’ race, age, gender, status quo, religion, culture, heritage, status or background. I speak slight Bahasa Melayu and slight Cantonese at times so SRT sessions can still be held in BM or Cantonese mixed with

Briefly on Creation Process of suffering:-

Unaware of Fear-based energies created by choice for any experiences personally to have in living out life…

=>> Life events for experiences that are Themes and challenges = Programs + Subconscious programs + Energies (ie: emotions, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, judgments, understandings) that are either hurtful and/or harmful unto yourself or between one another.

Eg: Past life programs created personally are consisting of our bodies and minds with emotional energies that are of purposes and meanings for incarnations. At times, the experience can be accidentally injuring yourself, freak accidents resulting in death, incestuous relationships, abuses, poverty and many other traumatic situations. So, those setup or chosen Themes & Challenges which are a set of lessons you chose to address in a particular lifetime or more determined to contend with until learning is completed for growth and development in this incarnation and way back into the past as well.

Note: From Robert’s  is that nothing is truly set in stone unless you would have created some beliefs then charged with emotional energies or etheric energy (neutral) that it is right eventhough it is error unaware…resulting in problems for present incarnation!  Therefore, many are to learn that Past life incarnations are programs, problems are programs, sufferings are programs and the likes  are to be understood as old suitcases with these unbeneficial stuffs that are bad or non-serving positively that are to be let go of very quickly. Whether past life incarnations exist or otherwise, is a choice created.

Good example of past life incarnations experiences are De Ja Vu moment of a place or person which is familiar that’s either good or otherwise is one proof. Another reason is when you are not familiar with a person but he or she feels comfortable to you without any reason which leads towards past-life incarnations existences created.

Therefore, issues, challenges, problems or difficulties with people in relationships are all in the mix choices decided upon for incarnation/s. There could be, would be spiritual contract, Akashic record and a Divine Blueprint + Plan being fulfilled completely either alone or with others in living life. 

There could be, would be spiritual contract, Akashic record and a Divine Blueprint of Plan being fulfilled completely either alone or with others in living life that are mission to be fulfilled.

However, nothing needs to be set in stone to understand hence choose to be free to experience changes from SRT session with me!

No one and nothing can actually cause you to be out of balance unless you allow this to be from thinking, believing or perceiving charged with energy.

For greater awareness, We are all cells in SPIRIT which is one truest Divine Consciousness Source connecting with us which we are part of always. Therefore, there is no separation which truly exists.

Do consider Spiritual Response Therapy sessions as a form of investment for yourself to have better choices of life and be with people who do truly love you well in living life.


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Thank you, Kim

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