SRT Energy Clearing Facilitator

Hello there! I am Kim Yong S.W – a Malaysian 🙂 

An SRT Energy Clearing personal facilitator using SRT system modality with methods for your personal wholistic freedom from mind, body, emotion and spiritual distorted programs and fear-based energies.

Briefly about me: I was employed for a long while actually. Left working for others due to repeated issues & problems half way through employment one day. I couldn’t understood the reasons behind all the repeats. Had some health problems with helplessness, depression, suicidal thoughts and other unhappy experiences along the way which were also involving a personal love life. The love life ended. My career suffered from issues and problems with different people. Because of all that and having 4 slipped discs which started from being at a work place, my search for answers to the sufferings led me to a spiritual way of help & support begun. Found an accredited SRT Teacher for SRT system and learnt SRT since early 2010 starting from Basic Lvl to Advance lvl in Petaling Jaya. Since then, I have been operating from my bedroom for distance healing and also having face to face appointments with clients at any café that are mutually agreed. I live in Petaling Jaya-Selangor, Malaysia but not a limitation for me to provide distance healing worldwide. Although the concept is I am a healer but I don’t actually do the healing as I let SPIRIT/High Self committee guide, lead and do the actual healings by working with clients which is fundamental from this work always. There are times I would use the F-word or shit word in my sessions while in conversations with clients/you as I’d like to be personable in that way. My apologies for any offence in advance of this. I love laughing with people and not at them so sessions with me are with that.      

My company registration number is 002558045-W under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia(SSM).    

My qualification as the SRT personal practitioner:

1. From 2010 completed SRT Basic and Advance Levels classes from SRA accredited SRT Teacher Regine Ooi located in PJ, Malaysia. Within same year, completed SRT Intensive Skill from Kathryn Hamilton-Cook in Hong Kong. 
2. Certified SRT Consultant Level with Spiritual response Association, Washington, USA in 2011 but didn’t renew thereafter. 
3. Have attended other SRA classes to update knowledge & information for self-development with SRT system occasionally after 2011 as well.

What was and still is my purpose for doing this work? A few purposes as below:
1) Was to reduce or end sufferings that are a lot in living life and not to choose suicide most possibly. To being in oneness with abundance of many good things for life with a right life partner rather than be with lacking of it.

2) Was and still is being an SRT Energy Clearing Personal Facilitator with the wish, intention to support as many people in recognising to stop personal punishments in living with a few ways repeatedly from false truths either self-created or influenced by someone and to gain awareness towards growth in authentic personal positive potential.

3) It was, still is to help people be more aware of no separation of their High Self Committee and one truest SPIRIT@Divine Consciousness who loves us all.

SRT clearing work sessions are to allow many people to experience being more present about authentic states of awareness, peace, happiness, joy, love, freedom and optimism to choose new life which is personal desire & want from worthiness. Allowing many miracles being witnessed or experienced as solutions are one of the choice from loving self greatly. Therefore, I love doing energy clearing work with this system so far but if need be, I’d also use Dale W. Olson’s pendulum charts. SRT sessions are impactful to the Earth planet and the Universe too.

Just as an extension to the answer of what is my purpose in doing this work – Here’s the story of President John F. Kennedy visiting NASA headquarters for the first time, in 1961 and the janitor who he spoke to on what was his role in Nasa work place. Link to the contributing article written by John Nemo and published by –
(Credits to and Mr John Nemo on his contributing article which I googled and found) 

As I don’t have the answers to everything, I will still do my best in supportiveness of you to be free from anything discordant which gunks up your energy systems. Let’s have a few laughs too during a session or starting from the 1st one since laughter is a wonderful medicine, yes? 😀 

So Book yourself an appointment with me but before that, please read through Disclaimer, Sessions with me & payment.

Thank you. Hope to hear of your call, sms via watsapp or receive your email!


P/S   Please do not drop a comment, spam comment box or send an enquiry for appoinment face to face or distance healing without reading through all necessary information in the website.